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Welcome to the Downtown

There are over 830 metered parking spaces within the downtown area of the City of Stratford. This would include 84 Pay and Display spaces at the Erie Lot and 35 at the former Kalbfleish Lot (Erie and St. Patrick Streets). The majority of the metered parking spaces are 3 hour meters, however, the meters around the perimeter of the downtown core are 12 hour meters.

The City is pleased to offer 260 free parking spaces at the Cooper Lot and the Downie Street Lot which is accessed from St. Patrick and Downie Street. Bus parking is also available free of charge at the Downie Street lot.

Council is presently reviewing parking in the downtown core with representatives from the Parking Task Force and the Protection to Persons and Property Sub-committee. If you wish to make comments please feel free to send your email to

Parking Rates

  • Metered and Pay and Display Parking is available at $0.40 per hour.

  • All meters and pay and Display machines accept Canadian and USA coin denominations, except the penny.

  • Free 3 hour parking on Sundays and holidays

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  • Hours of Enforcement

    Parking meters are enforced from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily (excluding Sundays and Holidays). Parking Enforcement in neighbourhoods is undertaken on a complaint basis by the Stratford Police Services. Stratford Police Services should also be contacted if there is a dangerous parking situation. They can be contacted at 9-1-1 or the non-emergency line of 519-271-4141.

    On Street Parking Meters

    Most on-street meters in Stratford are limited to a maximum of 3 hours. Meaning, vehicles are required to vacate the parking space on the expiry of the 3 hours or you may be subject to a fine. The purpose of on-street parking is to allow customers to shop in stores of their choosing by providing parking spaces close-by. Those visitors requiring more than 3 hours parking are encouraged to consider using the longer term parking meters and parking lots located at the perimeter of the downtown core. See our Parking Map for these locations.

    Parking meters accept all Canadian and USA coin denominations, except the penny.

    Accessible Parking

    Vehicles that are operated by, or carry a person with a disability, can use a designated parking space in the City of Stratford, provided that they display a valid “Persons with a Disability Parking Permit” issued by any recognized Government. In Ontario, these permits are issued by the Ministry of Transportation.

    Parking privileges available to persons with disabilities vary from municipality to municipality. While all municipalities recognize valid permits at designated parking spaces, practices differ. For example, the City of Stratford does not allow parking in prohibited areas such as “No Parking” or “No Stopping” zones, or adjacent to fire hydrants.

    Payment is required at all parking meters in the City of Stratford.

    It is the responsibility of every driver who is disabled or transporting a passenger with a disability, to be aware of the By-laws of each municipality with regard to the use of these permits and park in the appropriate legal parking areas at all times.

    Blue parking meters are reserved for “accessible parking.”

    The fine for parking in a designated parking space without a valid proper parking permit is $300.00.

    Pay and Display Parking

    The City of Stratford has installed Pay and Display machines within the middle and lower portion of the Erie Street Parking Lot as well as the former Kalbfleish Lot. Machines are solar powered and once coins are inserted into the machine they are activated and a stub is issued. Customers are required to place this stub face up on the driver's side dash of their vehicle.

    The stub includes information on the time and date, expiration time, amount paid, number and which machine was used. Please note that there are two Pay and Display machines in the Erie Lot offering 3 hour parking. The Pay and Display at the former Kalbfleish Lot (Erie and St. Patrick Streets) offers 12 hour parking. Pay and Display machines accept all Canadian and USA coin denominations, except the penny. THEY DO NOT OFFER CHANGE.

    Please note: The Pay and Display machines are solar powered and “sleep” to conserve power when not performing a transaction. When you approach any Pay and Display machine, the first thing to do is either push one of the buttons or insert coins. Any of these actions will “wake” the machine up and let you purchase your ticket.

    In the event that the Pay and Display closest to your vehicle is out of order, please use the other Pay and Display Machine as tickets may be issued.

    Paying a Parking Ticket

    Payment Options

    • Pay by telephone via Visa or Mastercard (519-271-0250 Ext. 237 during business hours).

    • Pay in person – cash, cheque, interact, Visa or Mastercard at the City Clerk’s Office, City Hall, 1 Wellington Street

    • Pay by cheque by depositing an envelope into one of the yellow fine-o-meter boxes located on Ontario Street (in front of Long and McQuade or Milky-Whey), the Albert Street Lot, York Street Parking Lot and the Police Station on George Street. Envelopes can also be deposited in the mail slot beside the rear entrance doors of City Hall.

    • Mail cheque to: City of Stratford – Clerk’s Office, PO Box 818, Stratford ON N5A 6W1

    Overnight Street Parking

    The City’s parking regulations prohibit overnight parking on any street between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. year round. Signs advising the public of this restriction are posted at major entrances to the City of Stratford, rather than on each street.

    Permits and Passes


    Media organizations upon request are issued a maximum of two (2) permits. It is intended that these vehicles transport media personnel that are attending meetings of Council and or Committee or attending a city-hosted media announcement. The licence plate of the media vehicle is notated on the permit and the vehicles must park in the lower Erie Street lot.

    In the event that the media organization wishes to purchase additional parking permits they must apply for a Erie Street permit and pay the monthly fee. Parking is enforced until 6:00 p.m. therefore if they are attending evening meetings a media pass is not required.

    Please contact the Clerk’s Office with your media credentials in order to be issued a media parking permit. A maximum of two (2) permits will be issued to each media organization per year.

    Parking Lots

    Residents and the public may purchase parking permits for several Parking Lots on a monthly basis for a maximum of six months. Some restrictions apply.

    Parking Lots and Fees are as follows:

    Lot Duration Base Price HST Total
     Lower Erie Lot* 6 Months $352.00 $45.76 $397.76
     Lower Erie Lot* Monthly $58.67 $7.63 $66.30
     Rear of Jail 6 Months $208.00 $27.04 $234.04
     Rear of Jail Monthly $34.67 $4.51 $39.18
     St. Patrick Street Lot 6 Months $304.00 $39.52 $343.52
     St. Patrick Street Lot Monthly $50.67 $6.59 $57.26
     York Street Lot 6 Months $304.00 $39.52 $343.52
     York Street Lot Monthly $50.67 $6.59 $57.26
    *Permits will only be issued for Lower Erie Lot (by Pay and Display Machines) Please note that the parking meter rates are presently under review.

    Commercial Parking Permits

    As of June 29, 2012 these permits are no longer valid and will not be issued.

    Tourist Pass

    As of June 29, 2012 these permits are no longer valid and will not be issued.

    Meter Hoods

    Meter hoods are available to rent from the Clerk’s Office at City Hall. A maximum of two rentals per company or citizen per day is allowed. There is a $10.00 administration charge per rental. In addition, there is a daily charge of $4.00 per day for single hood rentals plus HST and double meter hoods rent for $8.00 per day plus HST. A $50 deposit is required upon pickup and will be returned when the meter hood(s) are returned in their original condition. Payment for the rental is also required upon return of the meter hood(s).

    Traffic and Parking By-law

    Currently not available

    Departments/Divisional Details

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